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10 Gun Safety Tips

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Gun owners can appreciate gun safety. They know that guns are harmless when in the right hands and correctly used. All that it takes to ensure that your gun ownership is safe at all times is to follow a few gun safety tips. The tips listed below are a few of the most important tips to keep in mind.

1.    Choose the correct weapon. Do not choose a weapon that is too powerful to use. Many people enjoy using Glocks; this may be a weapon you enjoy using as well.

2.    Never point your finger on the trigger of the firearm unless you intend to pull the trigger. This is a very dangerous habit that many people mistakenly make, often times resulting in injuries or worse.

3.    Familiarize yourself with your weapon. You should be comfortable using your weapon in any situation.

4.    Don’t use your firearm until you’ve taken classes on proper usage and safety.

5.    Never point the muzzle at another person, unless you intend to shoot that person. As with putting your finger on the trigger, this may cause unintentional accidents.

6.    Eye protection is a must for anyone that uses a firearm. Make sure that you protect your eyes at all times.

7.    Don’t forget the importance of ear protection as well. The sounds that a gun makes when firing can be deafening if you’re not protected.

8.    If you don’t own a gun safe already, make this purchase. Keep the weapon in the safe at all times that it is not being used.

9.    Do not shoot at hard surfaces, such as water. This can cause the bullet to ricochet.


10.  Educate yourself and others in the home about firearm safety. Knowledge is power, especially where a gun is concerned.

Keep the gun safety tips above in mind if you want to safely own a gun.