Make A Statement With Your Area Rug


Designing a room can be fun and enjoyable.  Slapping on a coat of paint, adding a few pieces of furniture and even accenting things with throw pillows can make your room look amazing.  One piece that many people might overlook is an area rug.  With an area rug we have the ability to add a bold splash of color as well as have a nice piece of carpet that will protect under carpet or flooring.  Deciding on just the right area rugs atlanta ga can be a bit of a challenge, however, here are a few ideas.

Make a bold statement

Areas rugs allow you to make a bold statement that you couldn’t have done otherwise.  When picking out an area rug we can work with the colors in our room as a base.  These colors can easily be found in a wide assortment of different rugs.  Once we have our core colors we can play with patterns.

area rugs atlanta ga


Play with different sizes.  Depending on the size of the room you have, the area rugs can fall into a wide assortment of different sizes.  We can have a slightly smaller or slightly larger rug fit into a space giving it a more finished look that if we chose a different size.  Don’t be afraid to try a different size to see what happens.

Virtual displays

Many places will now offer a virtual display option.  Here you can bring pictures of your room and scan them into a computer.  From there a virtual version of your room will be created where you can throw in tables, chairs, lamps, and other pieces to create the look of your room.  Once your room looks close, then you can play with different rugs to see how they play in your space.

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